10 Time Honoured Secrets of Successful Web Sites

A reader contacted me yesterday to ask for a Free Report from my Free Info & White Papers section of this web site.

Seems as though the link to the Free Report was broken.  Once I got over the shock of having made a mistake (took me a while) I found the file and sent it through to him, then I fixed up the broken link.

Lessons From 2004 Still Hold True

The Free report this guy asked for is called “10 secrets of successful web sites”.

It’s a report I wrote back in 2004 on what I saw as the keys to a successful site.10-secrets-web-site

Bearing in mind the report is almost 6 years old, everything is still pretty much spot on – which means I’m a prophet, as well as being smart and very, very attractive.  And funny.  Don’t forget funny.

The only real change I’d make is to recommend Google Analytics for your web site statistics program and to say that large file sizes don’t matter so much in this day and age of fast connections.

So if you’re wondering what makes a successful web site, my Free Report (no registration required) could give you a few ideas.


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  1. I read this report just a year or two ago, Brendon … indeed it is virtually as up to date as when you wrote it years ago. I still run into businesses here almost into 2010 who don’t think they need a website, or even worse, have a website and fill the pages with nothing about trivia about “how good they” are. Business web sites desperately need to be attuned to the customer’s needs, not all the “power and glory” of the company.

  2. Agreed that file size doesn’t matter as much, but speed sure does! If you have a quality hosting provider that can deliver your content and handle your processing, size might not matter!

    One item I would add would be mobile compatibility. It drives me nuts not to be able to open a site on my iPhone (Flash developers, I’m talking to you!) A close second is not being able to find a company on Google Maps!

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