5 Free Web Marketing Tips for Accommodation Providers (& Some Other Tips)

I’ve been doing some work on our little Hobart accommodation site today and giving a bit of thought to how an accommodation provider – be that a motel, hotel, hostel, whatever – should market.

  1. Have a web site – obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have a site.  Update it frequently/engage your audience/have conversations.
  2. Create a Facebook page (free) – and update it frequently/engage your audience/have conversations.
  3. Have a Twitter account (free) – and update it frequently/engage your audience/have conversations.
  4. Encourage and respond to Trip Advisor reviews (free).  Promote these reviews like this site does.
  5. Add your place to Google Places (free).
  6. Work your ass off to get a high search engine ranking for the terms people search for when looking for accommodation in your niche/area.  Here’s some tips.
  7. Add Google Analytics (free) to your site – and review the very detailed web site statistics at least weekly.
  8. Maybe try Google AdWords (can be tricky and bloody expensive) and see if you can get them working for you.

Do the above and your bookings will go up – guaranteed.


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