Social Media Can Really Ruin Your Life …..Here’s How

Ding ding, round 12 – or did I lose count?

We’ve talked before about how Facebook is going to screw you, we’ve talked about Facebook CEO’s views on privacy, and we’ve warned you that when you apply for a job, your prospective employer WILL check you out.

A few years ago, some people set up a clever site called Please Rob Me. They did this to highlight the dangers of location-aware social media postings. If you keep telling people where you are, you make yourself vulnerable to attack or robbery.

They Really Do Know What You’re Doing

Now there’s a new site making the rounds, called We Know What You’re Doing.

It’s brilliant, so check it out. It pulls public status updates from Facebook, and groups the updates:

  • Who wants to get fired? – based mostly on badmouthing your boss
  • Who’s hungover? – because you really want your boss to see that after you’ve called in sick
  • Who’s taking drugs? – because it’s a great idea to announce to the world that you’re high
  • Who’s got a new phone number? – because you really really want someone to call you, and you don’t care who!

When did you last check your social media privacy settings?

Are they about to get you fired?


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