Best Mechanic on the Gold Coast Hint

A great way to demonstrate your expertise in any sort of business is via social proof.

That is, other people talking about you.

It’s why we use:

on our client’s sites.

Telling people how great you are is always better when it comes from someone else.

The Power Of Social Proof

I just saw another great example of the power of social proof.

I just dropped my car in to be serviced at Jimbos, a mechanic on the Gold Coast where I live.

Now, Jimbo’s a young guy who is up with the latest and greatest in terms of car mechanics.  He’s done a ton of extra training too.

An Honest Mechanic

Jimbo has a reputation as that rarest of beasts – an honest mechanic (Angry mechanics please make a line over there! ;o)  ———–>)

He also has a reputation as a quality mechanic.

When I dropped my car off there was a Ferrari in Jimbo’s garage waiting to be attended to – you see, Jimbo services pretty much all the Ferrari’s on the Gold Coast.

Wonder what my wife can get me for my birthday?

All the driver’s have heard how good he is and they make a beeline straight to him because he’s expert and experienced.

Anyway, the point of my story (I’m getting there) is that while I was at Jimbos, I chatted with a guy who brings his car in to be serviced by Jimbo because he assumes he’s the best because he services all the Ferraris.

The “best” is a very subjective thing, but it’s a fair bet that a guy with hundreds of thousands of $$$ worth of cars sitting in his mechanic shop driveway is pretty close.


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