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Bad Credit Loans From Zoom

A big welcome to our new clients at Zoom Car Loans – this team is fascinating in action as they’re commitment to quality is unsurpassed in anything I’ve seen in the finance industry.

The big plus is they’re in the same building as us here on the Gold Coast, so we’re essentially their in-house agency.

The teams are working closely together to build some terrific strategies to help people with bad credit obtain loans for cars mostly.  It can mean a lot for many people as they seek to gain independence and the ability to get mobile.

So welcome to the team and we look forward to assisting them in 2017.



Head On Over To Tailored Media

We’re slowly moving all of our online life over to Tailored Media.  So head on over there for the most recent stuff from us.


Photoshoot Brief Document

We do a few photoshoots for clients and use a Photoshoot Brief Document we put together.

If you do any photoshoots, your photographer will love this filled in with your ideas.


Make It Easy To Use You

Note: I originally published the below article on December 18, 2007.

One of the sites we work with is the sports nutrition site, Hammer Nutrition.

Hammer Nutrition sponsor a heap of athletes and events.

But we talk about only one on a very regular basis and in glowing terms. We publish her photos, race reports and more. We tell thousands of people just how good she is.

And you know why? [Read more…]


The Golden Question

Why this question escapes most web developers who are putting together proposals for prospects, I don’t know.

It’s a critical aspect in understanding what you’re doing for the the prospect and why.  If you know the answer, and if you don’t then you shouldn’t be in business, then your job of pitching and winning new business should be very, very easy.golden-boy

Why Should The Prospect Do Business With You?

That’s it – why should the prospect do business with you?

Simple question, huh?

When analysing what your prospect needs and wants, this ‘golden question’ needs to be in the back of your mind.

Generally speaking, clients don’t buy a web site from us.

They’re buying a tool to generate more profits from their business because they want something like:

  • a holiday
  • a new car
  • a bigger nest egg

Your prospects are in business.  They want to make money.

Tell them and demonstrate to them exactly how you will help them make money should they do business with you.

You see, the golden question leads to the golden answer.  The answer that will make you money.


It’s Time For An Education Shakeup

Tasmanian Education authorities are up in arms over a recent increase in Southern Tasmanian usage of the teacher rating web site

Rate My Teachers is one of those nonsense sites that is set up to cause maximum outrage and offense whilst skirting just outside the applicable laws.  The sole reason for the site is to generate as many page views as possible to generate as much money as possible.

And the owners have the perfect blissfully ignorant ally to help their cause – High School students who think others care about what they think about their teachers.

There’s no filtering of any sort of the comments, as evidenced by just the 2nd teacher I clicked on: [Read more…]


What Your True Colours Mean

Brand identity can be tremendously important and colours make up a big part of that.

When we develop web sites for clients, colour (obviously!) plays a huge part.

Check out this great infographic on the impact of colour across your branding and marketing strategy.

True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business by Marketo


When Not To Follow Your Business Plan…

Here’s a tip for young players in business – Responding to change is more important than following your plan.

No good following your plan if that path has turned to shit.

You’re welcome ;o)