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New home for our Gold Coast advertising agency

As long time readers – this blog has been going since 2003 – might know, Tailored Media is a full service advertising agency on the Gold Coast servicing clients across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and nationwide.

With a range of high profile brands we do it all from digital marketing to Google rankings to Public Relations to print to TV ads to radio to web sites and more.

We’re about to “retire” this web site and have it automatically redirect to our full Tailored Media site.

We’re very active on that site talking all things advertising, marketing and much more.  So call on over to say hi and continue to receive great info.


Bend of The River A Delight

We’re doing a little marketing work with what is an absolute hidden gem here on the Gold Coast.  It’s our job to make it not so well hidden!

Bend of the River is a unique 15 acre farm (orchard) on the Gold Coast, just 5 minutes from the beaches. Tucked away in an idyllic part of Tallebudgera, Bend of the River is a Gold Coast holiday house that’s perfect for families.

The Farmhouse at Bend of the River

The Farmhouse at Bend of the River

The gorgeous home and grounds are yours to enjoy – and with an array of animals wandering about, kids are sure to delight in everything it has to offer.

Gold Coast Wedding Venues

It also rates highly as a Gold Coast wedding venue with an elegant aspect that appeals to many couples.  The sense of seclusion and style really does make for the perfect wedding spot.

Gorgeous Wedding Venue on the Gold Coast

Gorgeous Wedding Venue on the Gold Coast

Check out the Bend of the River here and see for yourself.


Head On Over To Tailored Media

We’re slowly moving all of our online life over to Tailored Media.  So head on over there for the most recent stuff from us.


What Your True Colours Mean

Brand identity can be tremendously important and colours make up a big part of that.

When we develop web sites for clients, colour (obviously!) plays a huge part.

Check out this great infographic on the impact of colour across your branding and marketing strategy.

True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business by Marketo


When Not To Follow Your Business Plan…

Here’s a tip for young players in business – Responding to change is more important than following your plan.

No good following your plan if that path has turned to shit.

You’re welcome ;o)



Best Mechanic on the Gold Coast Hint

A great way to demonstrate your expertise in any sort of business is via social proof.

That is, other people talking about you.

It’s why we use:

on our client’s sites.

Telling people how great you are is always better when it comes from someone else.

The Power Of Social Proof

I just saw another great example of the power of social proof.

I just dropped my car in to be serviced at Jimbos, a mechanic on the Gold Coast where I live.

Now, Jimbo’s a young guy who is up with the latest and greatest in terms of car mechanics.  He’s done a ton of extra training too.

An Honest Mechanic

Jimbo has a reputation as that rarest of beasts – an honest mechanic (Angry mechanics please make a line over there! ;o)  ———–>)

He also has a reputation as a quality mechanic.

When I dropped my car off there was a Ferrari in Jimbo’s garage waiting to be attended to – you see, Jimbo services pretty much all the Ferrari’s on the Gold Coast.

Wonder what my wife can get me for my birthday?

All the driver’s have heard how good he is and they make a beeline straight to him because he’s expert and experienced.

Anyway, the point of my story (I’m getting there) is that while I was at Jimbos, I chatted with a guy who brings his car in to be serviced by Jimbo because he assumes he’s the best because he services all the Ferraris.

The “best” is a very subjective thing, but it’s a fair bet that a guy with hundreds of thousands of $$$ worth of cars sitting in his mechanic shop driveway is pretty close.


Photography on the Gold Coast Shout Out

A quick shout out to Laine Allen from L A Photography on the Gold Coast.

Laine came along and shot some promo images at a client’s business on Saturday.  I’ve had a sneak peek of the shots and they look amazing.

Photo and video shoot – Photo courtesy of LA Photography.

Laine’s got a real eye for what makes a nice shot – give her a yell on 0428 264 357 for quality photography on the Gold Coast.


How To Be Amazing

Saw a great quote in the newspaper today from Sir Jonathon Ive, one of the technology geniuses behind the iPhone, was interviewed about the challenges of design.

“Sir Jonathon said the success of the iPhone, iPad and iPod came largely because the company didn’t do market research with focus groups because they would only guarantee mediocrity.”