Do You Do These 2 Quick, Easy & Very Effective Things To Market Your Business?

Okay, here are 2 things I’d strongly encourage you to do when you’re marketing your business:

1.  Survey your customers – if you want to do it online, use this great tool.  If you want to do it offline, type up a survey and print it out.

Surveys do a whole range of things from giving you great info to getting you top of mind with your customers (and that means repeat sales and more referrals).

2.  Ask happy customers for testimonials – use those testimonials on your owns site and industry sites (including Trip Advisor, Google Places, etc).

When others see nice stuff about you they trust you more.  Then they’re way more likely to buy.


Great Web Design Doesn’t Equal A Great Looking Site

As a web developer it amazes me that people still think the look of the web site is the most important thing.

It’s about the 8th.  Or the 28th.  Something like that.

Many designers think great design = pretty.

Wrong. Really great design = a shedload more sales.

What do you want?

a.  A pretty web site
b.  A shed load of money


How Facebook Is Better Than Google (and becoming more important)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… Ahem.

It was a time of great upheaval… no, wait, hold on.

Not so long ago,the search giants battled for marketshare.  When you wanted to find something, you’d go to your favourite search provider.  Your options included Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, and many others.

Google won the search engines wars because they delivered the best results.  They could do this because they identified the best signals to measure the quality of a site.

Let’s say I have a web site that I haven’t updated in 8 months, and that has got just 1 link to it from another web site. And let’s say you have a web site that you update daily and that 462 links from other web site to it. [Read more…]


Know How The Web Works

As you might suspect, we test a ton of things online.

One of the things we know is that if you’re trying build your brand with information reports, then you have to make it very easy for your visitors to get the report.

As soon as you start asking for:

  • names,
  • email addresses, and
  • phone numbers

You’re going to hugely reduce the amount of people who might see your great information that positions you as an expert you might want to use.

There’s no way I’m giving my phone number out.  That’ll mean a phone call interrupting me from a company I don’t know – no-one wants that.

Work smart. Do what works.


Best Catering In Hobart ………………Again

A quick shout out to the best catering in Hobart team who put on a sensational function on Saturday night for my old school’s reunion.

The Pickled Pear team do all sorts of functions including catering for weddings in Hobart and much more.

The legendary Christine Delpero is the Manager and Owner and she takes crazy pride in the catering her team does.

Managed One Of Tasmania’s Leading Restaurants

I remembered Christine from years ago when she used to manage one of Hobart’s leading seafood restaurants, the Drunken Admiral.

She’s very well known and respected in Hobart as one of the best caterers around – she does the inhouse catering at the University Club (great venue for a private function) and has full access to that as a venue (or her team comes to you).

So if you’re after quality for weddings, parties or conference catering in Hobart, then Chris and the team from the Pickled Pear are the ones for you.

Call them on 03 6226 2493 and tell Chris she gets a great endorsement here because she’s so great at what she does.


Sweet Ad With Uncle Drew

Sweet ad where the message of the ad resonates with the message of the product.

Go Uncle Drew!


I Went All Zen Like On His Ass

Have a mate just about to start his own business.  It’s his first.

He asked me for business advice.

I took him aside, got myself into the trance like state and said, slowly and in a deep voice (more credibility when you say stuff in a deep voice):

“My son, my advice is simple and it is spoken thus:”

Make sure you start a business.  Not start a job.

Bloody good advice even if I do say so myself.


Google’s Changes For April 2012

Speaking of Google – I was below – try and keep up ;o) – it’s been a very challenging few weeks helping clients maintain a decent ranking.

After all, nothing beats a good rank (stole that, but I can’t remember who off!).

Getting a decent ranking in Google relies upon about 3,216,814 different factors.

I made that up, but whatever the number is it’s a big one and it’s increasing all the time.

The Latest 52 Changes

For those interested, here’s the latest list from Google on April’s 52 changes to their search quality results.

Then it’s up to nerds like me to figure out what they mean and how they apply to the real world and whatever else I can get from reading between the lines.

Cheers and have a good weekend.