Gold Coast Wishing Wells

A quick shout out to my mate Tel who has just started a business hiring out wishing wells.

It’s called……wait for it………………………..Tell’s Wells.

Clever huh?

So if you’re getting married, congrats.

And if you’re getting married and don’t want to do the awkward “Gimme your money!” then a Gold Coast Wishing Wells well could be for you.

Tell Tel I sent you.



Just How Valuable Is White Pages Advertising?

A client just asked my if she should renew her White Pages advertising and if it was good value for money.

Here’s what I told her (and it’s the truth):

Hi Mary-Anne

In my considered and humble opinion, White Pages advertising books now make an excellent computer screen stand for when people are searching on Google.

I haven’t seen anyone use it for any other reason for 5 years.

See, my answers are funny and correct!
You’re welcome.


Brendon Sinclair


“Want To See The Dessert Menu?”

My wife is away and I can’t cook.

Never cooked a meal in my life.

Unless, toast is counted as a “meal”.

Anyway, went to dinner with my son Jack to a local restaurant.

After we’d finished our main course the waitress came up and said “Want to see the dessert menu?”

Not A Waitress

A waitress/waiter is never a waitress/waiter.

They’re really a salesperson.

Don’t ask “Want to see the dessert menu?”

Try “Oh wow – you should see the amazing dessert the chef has cooked tonight!  It’s a blah, blah, blah…..”

Enthusiasm sells.   Selling is what the waitress/waiter is there for.


Large Size Womens Shoes

My mate Carol just launched her amazing shoe shop for women with longer feet in Brisbane and online.

Carol is dedicated to selling large size womens shoes because, as a woman with a longer foot, she has struggled for years to buy gorgeous shoes that fit.

I went along to the opening on Friday night and the store is spectacular, along with the range of women’s shoes.

No Background In Retail

Carol has no background in retail whatsoever, and that will be part of her success.

At the opening she said “If you’ve ever wondered what the back of a shoe shop looks like, feel free to go back and take a look.  Hang on, I don’t even know what the back of a shoe shop looks like so mine could be completely wrong!”

Because Carol has no experience or limitations on how she should do things, she’s created her store the way she’d love a store to be.

womens shoes Brisbane

Part of the gorgeous Shoe Garden

Check it out for size 10 plus women’s shoes.


People Don’t Actually Read Ads

Client asked how me yesterday to get his advertisements read more.

But the thing is people don’t read ads.

People Only Reads What Interests Them

They read what interests them.

Sometimes that might happen to be an ad.

Your ad shouldn’t be about you or your company or your product or your service.

Your ad should be about your customer.

Get it, Freddy??

This guy could be an ad writer!


Experience Counts A Lot

Here’s a graph of a client’s web site visitor numbers over the past month or so.

I had a meeting with the client on Friday afternoon and gave him a bit of advice and I did 2 minutes work on his web site.

x15 More Visitors After 2 Minutes Work

x15 More Visitors After 2 Minutes Work

The result was thousands of extra visitors to his web site – the visitors are:

  • his exact target market
  • acutely interested in what he has to say

The point is this.

Experience matters and it can matter a lot.

Marketing Hospitals – Push Over Old Ladies?

Marketing a hospital’s Emergency Department is simple.

You do this.

I remember when I came to a new hospital and implemented that strategy (that I’d done before) and it worked amazingly well, everyone thought I was a genius.

Ummmm, not so much a genius as done it before and it worked, so I did it again.

Experience counts a lot.


You and Me Boutique

My mate Paris – the woman, not the city – has just launched her cool, funky and gorgeous boutique at You and Me Boutique.

We all know I’m a very masculine guy who ain’t into ladies clothing (I swear), but Paris has some great gear and it’s well worth checking out.

So good luck Paris with You and Me Boutique………okay, that’s my part of the deal Paris.

If my wife calls in to buy, we agree that you tell her that her credit card doesn’t work,accuse her of shop lifting, whatever it takes to get her out of the store and stop buying clothes!


“3 Times More Sales, With The Average Sale Price Over 4 Times What It Used To Be”

I asked one of my clients for a testimonial and he’s just sent it through.

It is without doubt our best ever testimonial… even if Luke does make fun of me!  (Laugh it up funny boy. Next month’s bill is doubled.)

3 Times More Sales, With The Average Sale Price Over 4 Times What It Used To Be

We have a Golf Instruction website that was doing reasonably well for the amount of effort we had put into it.

We had a plan to upgrade our site and restructure our whole business around it.

On our first meeting with Brendon Sinclair we both thought he was a little bit over the top with his enthusiasm for our product, and we kind of scratched our heads when quoted us more than twice as much as all our other quotes.

We had met with several other internet Gurus but no-one seemed to understand what we wanted.

In the end my dad said:


“If this Guy is half as good as he thinks he is, we will be Ok!”


We decided that we would go with Tailored on a gut instinct and now after all the hard work has been done we realise that going with anyone else because of price would have been a disaster.


Brendon is at least 3/4 as good as he thinks he is…..

It turns out that Brendon is at least ¾ as good as he thinks he is, and his professionalism and commitment to working through all the problems we faced is now paying off.


We have a site that is already doing 3 times more sales with the average sale price over 4 times what it used to be.


Thank you Brendon,  Anthony and everyone working at Tailored.

Luke Edwin