The simplest ideas are often the best!

I received another email today (I get quite a few each day) thanking me for the info on this site and telling me that the things I advocate seems so simple and logical. Marketing is usually very, very simple. Following is a great example:

One of our clients runs a retail plant nursery.

Plants are cumbersome things and often bought in multiple lots. To make it as easy as possible for the customers, they had trolleys available for them to place their plants and gardening products in as they went (much like a supermarket trolley).

We are always reviewing the strategies we implement for this client and one of the factors is how to increase the average sale dollar amount. So this is what the client did.

He took the trolleys away.

And put in trolleys twice as big!

The average sale dollar amount immediately increased – all because it was now easy for the customer to buy more.

A very simple idea that has worked a treat.

All the best.



I had a terrific meeting this afternoon with a guy who will do very well with a business he has just started. He told me this story:

A friend of his got a job in London with one of the huge, high profile advertising companies.

On the first day he was called into the boss’ office:

“What is it you think we do here?”

“Well, you develop magnificent advertising campaigns to inspire, entice…………..”

“Stop right there. Nope, that’s wrong. All we do is get our lazy clients to get off their butt and actually do some marketing.”

Marketing works. My philosophy has always been to “just do something.”

The more marketing you do, the more business you will get. Simple.

I know that’s not a particularly interesting bit of information, but it is (surprisingly) one of the most needed bits of advice I give.

Hope you have a good day.




Bragging about our brag wall

We have a brag wall in the office. This is the wall in the reception area where we display awards, client testimonials, photos – in fact, anything special that shows us being good at what we do.

The brag wall serves the purpose of indicating to the client’s coming in that we are trusted and honest suppliers of what they are buying. After all, that’s what the brag wall items do – whether it be in words or just by being there (such as a plaque from a client thanking us for our support).

The brag wall provides instant credibility.

People find it difficult to trust others these days, much more than previously. We struggled with this until we gave our clients a 100% money back guarantee on everything we do for them.

Could you use some extra trust from your customers? If so, then a brag wall could be just the thing!

Testimonials, photos, press clippings, plaques, trophies………the list goes on. Start a brag wall today and your credibility will zoom up.




A simple way to have your newsletter professionally printed – for hundreds of $$$ less than you would pay a printer!

Our business sends out a newsletter every 3 months or so. usually around 500 copies. We always used to struggle with the designing and development of the newsletter.

To get a quality newsletter, we needed a professional printer to print it. To have such small quantities printed meant we paid a decent amount per copy. It was a bit of a catch 22.

We have come up with a way to get professionally printed newsletters for just a few cents a copy…click here for more




Top 5 tips for getting business

We always check out how we are attracting business and this last week has been pretty typical.

I’ll take you through what has happened so you can see the many ways you can actually pick up business.

* Firstly, I played golf with a client and a friend of his. I got chatting to the friend about his business as we played.

(he beat me in Stableford – 37 to 36 points). We signed him up for web work today.

* On Wednesday I went to a businesspersons’ charity breakfast and met a few good contacts. 1 excellent lead there has already turned into business – we’re doing his PR.

* On Thursday our $60 newspaper advertisment paid off with a web site design client. Surprisingly, the client walked in, had a chat and we took a deposit on the spot.

* Also on Thursday, an existing client had us in for a meeting to review their marketing strategies. We have been contracted to do an overhaul of existing strategies.

* And last week we sent out 59 letters offering specific services (web site marketing) – total cost was $60. We attracted 2 new clients onto monthly contracts.

The point of all that – yes, there is a point! – is that you need to be implementing a varied and ongoing marketing plan to consistently bring clients to your door. Only then can you consistently grow your business.