Paradise Golf Tours

The Gold Coast really is paradise, and we couldn’t think of a better place to go on a golf holiday with a group of mates.

We’ve been doing a bit of work with Paradise Golf Tours and we reckon they have hit the nail on the head when it comes to putting together Gold Coast golf packages!

Check them out today!

Gold Coast Golf Packages

V Strom 650 Born On The Gold Coast

Birth Notice: 6 September, 2012

Brendon and Mel (Helen) Sinclair are proud to announce the arrival of their new bundle of joy “Virginia V Strom 650”, born September 6, 2012.

Mum and daughter are doing fine, which is a bit surprising considering Virginia hit the scales at 220 kg.

V Strom 650 Gold Coast

A Beautiful Baby Girl!

It was a very easy labour with Doctors Mal, Ben and Craig easing her into the world with as little pain as possible to Dad (and his wallet).

With flaming orange hair, Virginia is sure to be called a “ranga”.

Virginia is a little sister for Laura, Jack and Harry – none of whom will get to play with her despite having motorbike licences!  (Keep off Dad’s new bike ya muppets!)

Mum and Dad are both thrilled with Virginia’s arrival – mostly Dad.  Mum, not so much.

On a completely unrelated note (cough), Brendon is off for an Adventure Riding weekend in outback Queensland on Saturday and Sunday.

Welcome Virginia!

We love you!

Mum & Dad…………….but mostly Dad


One For The Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

It’s a huge, huge thing to be and you’re doing a wonderful job at it.  Keep up the good work ;o)


I Went All Zen Like On His Ass

Have a mate just about to start his own business.  It’s his first.

He asked me for business advice.

I took him aside, got myself into the trance like state and said, slowly and in a deep voice (more credibility when you say stuff in a deep voice):

“My son, my advice is simple and it is spoken thus:”

Make sure you start a business.  Not start a job.

Bloody good advice even if I do say so myself.


House Washings Gurus Brisbane and Gold Coast

Been doing a little work lately for the lads who have a house washing business in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

We’ve revamped the web site and done a few other bits and pieces for the hardworking dynamic duo, brothers Steve and Mick.

These lads love what they do and it shows in their very friendly and efficient cleaning service.

So if you or anyone you know is after washing services for houses, driveways and more, then contact them here.


Happy, Happy Birthday

Absolutely nothing to do with web stuff or business, but my beautiful daughter Laura turns 21 today.

Rather chuffed to say I delivered her (that weirds her out a fair bit) and even more chuffed to say she’s grown to be a delightful and wonderful daughter and young woman.

Happy, Happy Birthday Lawsie!

21 Today


Video Of Our Ride Across The USA

Not sure I got the start right – might be a bit slow – but here’s the video of my son Harry and I Ride Across The USA.


Expert Migration Agent

As always, I’m keen to give a shout out to a mate of mine.

Leanne has been a friend of mine for close on 30 years and is an expert migration agent based in Brisbane.  But with the whiz bang of the web, she can help anyone look to enter Australia on all sorts of visas.

If you’re looking for someone to help you enter Australia then give Emergico a yell – they update their blog very regularly and have a client looking to sponsor a motor mechanic into Australia now if you’re interested.