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You Don’t Actually Need A Web Site

You know what, you don’t actually want a web site.

A web site is just like an ad in the local newspaper or a word of mouth marketing campaign or having a business Facebook page.

It doesn’t matter that your web site is a web site.

What Your Web Site Should Be

What it needs to be is a lead or sale generating tool.

It doesn’t need to be pretty or groovy or have lots of flashy bells and whistles.

What it needs to do is generate you leads and sales.

Don’t lose sight of that.

Quick & Simple Example

We recently redid a clients site.

It looks almost exactly how it always has.

Now it gets x10 the amount of visitors it used to get.  And those visitors convert to leads and sales.

  • Same look
  • Better web site structure
  • Better content
  • Better trust indicators
  • Better demonstration of the product
  • Better sales copy
  • Better search rankings

What The Client Says

“You are a legend. I am receiving a lot of enquiries thank you!

Cheers and many thanks for all your good work.

Oh, and you’re very sexy!”

*  May have made that last line up.


Launched Brendon

At the risk of being a complete ego maniac (heh, a man’s gotta market), we’ve just launched my dedicated web site for my speaking gigs.

If you know anyone looking for inspiring speakers then I’m worth a looksee at least ;o)


Keynote Speeches Brisbane and Gold Coast

One thing I really enjoy doing, and am okay at, is giving speeches.

It’s something I really should market more because I seem to get some pretty good feedback when I go along and have a chat.

“….Inspirational & Absolutely Hilarious”

  • “Brendon Sinclair’s talk was inspirational and absolutely hilarious.”
  • “Bloody brilliant – you summed up marketing better than any speaker in my fourteen years…..”

  • “Fantastic talk, I only wish we could have organised more time.
  • “Every single student found the talk inspiring and inspirational and I can not express my gratitude enough to Brendon for giving his time so generously.”

“If you ever get the opportunity to hear Brendon speak…..”

“If you ever get the opportunity to hear Brendon speak don’t miss the chance to learn something while having a good laugh.”

“I really liked the style of speech, it was well crafted yet at the same time casual.  The content was both insightful and entertaining.

“…it was light-hearted but info packed. Easy to keep up with, though.”

“Very down to earth and real. Gave some great info that most people won’t tell you – refreshingly simple and to the point.”

“His self depreciating humour was great, for our students the positiveness of the speech was very motivating.”

“I loved Brendon’s relaxed way of presenting the info and his humour.”

“You were a breath of fresh air……particularly enjoyed self effacing style – believe most attractive to an audience who expect consultants to present with heads slightly wider than average,”

“Your level of organisation was a very pleasant surprise…..but this kind of process provides some kind of comfort that speaker has given customer a little thought, and not taken a “one size fits all” approach to presentation.”

“Brendon is a brilliant business presenter. His presentations are clear, concise and motivating. He offers advice freely and with great knowledge, whilst at the same time ensures interest with… his wit and his energy,”

If you want a marketing or general speaker give me a yell.


Don’t Let Your Bias Stop Your Success

I gave someone a bit of advice today and he said “That’s gold!”

Of course it bloody is – everything that comes out of my mouth is gold!

The advice was this:

Don’t let your personal biases and opinions stop you accepting good advice or implementing good ideas.

Obnoxious Ego Maniac Whose Mum Thinks He’s Funny

I think I’m a good example of this.

A bird, a, it's Super Idiot!

  1. Oodles of people don’t like my writing style.
  2. Others think I’m an obnoxious dickhead.
  3. Some think I’m an ego maniac.
  4. A few (thank you mum and dad!) think I’m funny.
  5. One or 2 think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to marketing.

Don’t let your personal bias toward me stop you from taking on board and implementing some good advice you might find here.

After all, with:

you’ll probably find at least 1 bit of decent advice.


Newsletter Sent

If you’re not subscribed to Tailored News (you can by sticking your email address in the field top right of this page – it’s 100% free) then odds are your certifiably insane.

And yes, that’s a medical opinion from me ;o)

I’ve just sent out the latest edition titled “Marketing Disaster – $320 Per Night to Be Slagged Off!

Tailored News June 2010

Tailored News June 2010

Newsletter & Blog Archives

I also have a bunch of old newsletters here.

And don’t forget you can check out over 7 years of Tailored blogs here.

If you don’t want to read 7 years worth right now ;o), you might like my 3 most popular posts ever:

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Noosa Triathlon Entries Fail

A few years back I made a move to USM (they run the massive Noosa Triathlon) to be their web guy.

They turned me down saying they were happy with who they had.

Noosa Tri Exec Not So Happy Now!

This from an email they just sent:


As at midday today the decision has been made to shut the system down due to our web providers not finding a resolution to the problem this morning. No entries are being accepted today. Entries have simply been postponed and the event is NOT full”


Told them they shouldn’t switched to us!  ;o)

Just kidding.

And bugger – the crash would cost them many thousands of $$$.

If you have a massive site that gets a ton of visitors and sales all in a rush, you just have to make sure your servers are up to it.

And if they aren’t, then get it fixed and move on (and as pissed as the USM guys are now with the situation, shit does sometimes happen.  No-one died.).


Free Advice For Jaime The Image Hotlinking Thief

Update: 12.57 pm (1 1/2 hours after I uploaded the post):

The image from the site mentioned below has been deleted, as has the comment I wrote on Jaime’s post.

And Jaime has apologized.  Thanks Jaime.


Over at Bookmom Musings, Jaime hotlinks to images she finds on the web.

What that means is that instead of taking/buying her own images, she finds ones she likes and links to it within her blog post.

She has linked over to an image on this site for use within this blog post.

The image did look like this:

This is the image that was licensed to me.....but Jaime uses it

This is the image that was licensed to me.....but Jaime uses it

Now it looks like this:

Image replaced with this

Image replaced with this

What happens is my bandwidth gets used up by Bookmom.  Which is great for her because she’s not paying.

Not so great for me, because I pay for part of the costs of her web site.

I generally don’t like to pay for other people’s business expenses.

It’s because I’m not a charity!

My (Free) Advice To Jaime

Anyhow, here’s my advice to Jaime, or anyone else thinking of hotlinking to images they have no right to:


Hi Jaime

You seem to hotlink to images you find on the web.  This is really going to bite you on the ass before long.

i.e. I’ve replace the image you link to on my site with a message asking you not to do it.

It could just have easily been some highly offensive image that would make you look very stupid/or hacked.

You see, by hotlinking to an image on site you’re stealing my bandwidth.  Every time that image gets looked at by your readers, I get charged (via my hosting bandwidth).

(And as a “Bookmom” you really should be aware of copyright issues).

As much as I’d love your site to succeed, I don’t really think that I should underwrite it by paying costs that you should be incurring.

The other aspect that’s going to hurt you is that I purchased that image off Getty Images for 1 off usage.

They constantly scan the web to see who has ripped off their image.

That’s when they find you.  That’s when they send you a bill for $1,500 for the use of the image.

That’s when you scream and cry that you didn’t know, that you’re ignorance should be justification, that you’re just a little blog, that you can’t afford the bill, etc, etc.

What happens next?

1.  You’ll see this image or comment or your readers will alert you to it.
2.  You’ll then quickly take down the link to my image.
3.  You may apologise, you may not.
4.  And then, in a surprise to no-one, I’m the guy that suffers the most because:
a) you stole my bandwidth,
b) I had to mess about and replace that image,
c)  I then had to write this blog post,
d) when you do the right thing and replace that image I need to go back to my site and put my image back otherwise my page will look stupid with that “Jaime” image there.

Here’s a bit of advice to finish off with:

If you publish, you’re a publisher.

Learn the rules or get the hell out.




Will let you know what Jaime does.


Well, This Is Sure Gonna Be Interesting

Tomorrow I head off into the wild, wild wilderness that is magnificent Tasmania, Australia.

I fly into Hobart tomorrow morning before flying back out again on Sunday morning to a place called Melaleuca.

A light plane will be dropping my 2 sons and I, and my brother-in-law, at the very start of what’s called the South Coast Track.

The walk is one of the last great wilderness walks and will take anywhere between 5-10 days to complete.

I won’t be contactable for that time and will then be spending another week in Hobart taking it easy and enjoying a quiet beer at my brother’s 50th birthday party on the 23rd.

The Lads Are In Charge!

All of this means that Mel and the guys in the office (Anthony and Toby) are in charge!

Job # 1 when Brendon leaves - Party Time!

Job # 1 when Brendon leaves – Party Time!

And Mel will be leaving for Hobart next Thursday, so then the lads are here and things will (probably) be going wild!

Assuming I survive, I’ll be back around at the end of January.

In the meantime, if you have any worries, questions, jobs, etc then please give the lads a yell on 07 5534 1228  and they’ll take great care of you.

Cheers and bye for now.