Search Engine Promotion

Changes Afoot

Google is rolling out the latest change to their algorithm shortly and say there will be a noticeable effect on about 1% of web site rankings.

We’re now checking rankings to see if any of our clients have been negatively affected – usually not, because the changes generally target search engine guys trying to game the rankings.

Like I’ve always said, the key to a great Google ranking is a great, content rich and making it easy for Google to know what your site is about.  That’s not easy to do, but the results can be enormous.


Google’s Changes For April 2012

Speaking of Google – I was below – try and keep up ;o) – it’s been a very challenging few weeks helping clients maintain a decent ranking.

After all, nothing beats a good rank (stole that, but I can’t remember who off!).

Getting a decent ranking in Google relies upon about 3,216,814 different factors.

I made that up, but whatever the number is it’s a big one and it’s increasing all the time.

The Latest 52 Changes

For those interested, here’s the latest list from Google on April’s 52 changes to their search quality results.

Then it’s up to nerds like me to figure out what they mean and how they apply to the real world and whatever else I can get from reading between the lines.

Cheers and have a good weekend.


You Don’t Actually Need A Web Site

You know what, you don’t actually want a web site.

A web site is just like an ad in the local newspaper or a word of mouth marketing campaign or having a business Facebook page.

It doesn’t matter that your web site is a web site.

What Your Web Site Should Be

What it needs to be is a lead or sale generating tool.

It doesn’t need to be pretty or groovy or have lots of flashy bells and whistles.

What it needs to do is generate you leads and sales.

Don’t lose sight of that.

Quick & Simple Example

We recently redid a clients site.

It looks almost exactly how it always has.

Now it gets x10 the amount of visitors it used to get.  And those visitors convert to leads and sales.

  • Same look
  • Better web site structure
  • Better content
  • Better trust indicators
  • Better demonstration of the product
  • Better sales copy
  • Better search rankings

What The Client Says

“You are a legend. I am receiving a lot of enquiries thank you!

Cheers and many thanks for all your good work.

Oh, and you’re very sexy!”

*  May have made that last line up.


How Marketing Has Changed

Marketing is so much easier these days for many, many businesses.

In the olden days* (* pre Internet), businesses had to go searching for their customers.

Now customers go searching for the business.

Marketing has changed from searching for customers to being found.

Can you be found if your customer searches for you?

Because that’s what business marketing is these days.


2 Places To Be In 2012

Over the past week or so I’ve been planning out my business goals for 2012.

A fair bit of that involves what Google is doing because, whether we like it or not, Google is a big part of our business.

Here’s a video I did back in 2006 explaining the very basics of getting to the top of Google.


Wow, how times have changed.

The changes Google have implemented and are planning on implementing make the old strategies almost redundant.

The only serious competitor I can see to Google’s domination is Facebook.

Just about every business needs to have a presence on those 2 to be successful.


Gold Coast Accountants Site

Just redoing a few sites so they’re a bit neater and easy to understand for searching – first off the rank is for Gold Coast Accountants at Oculus Group.  He likes the idea of being the world’s best accountant!

The Director (David de Closey) is a mate of mine who’s a mad keen triathlete and sometime public speaker.

He’s still a bit angry with me because at a recent charity night he got bumped from the speakers because of me.

Say it with me: Ha!


New Google Display & What It Means For You

I spend half my time trying to keep up with the latest and greatest from Google and Social Media.

I’ve just noticed that Google have launched a new way they show web site links on their search results page that means it’s more important than ever to get to the top.

As you’ll see by the graphic below, Google showing of internal site links has the effects of pushing the other results down the page (doesn’t happen with all searches though).

And that’s bad if you’re in position # 2 or 3 or more.

It’s now more improtant than ever to get a high ranking in Google – critical if you’re a web based business.

Read more here.


Getting Ranked In Google – The Latest

We spend a lot of time analysing what’s happening in the world of Google, specifically how and why Google is ranking sites highly.

If you look at Google search results these days you’ll notice that Google Places listings take up a big part of the page (when you do a search for a specific location – i.e  mechanics Gold Coast).

AdWords and Google Places dominate the page

Click image for full size

Social Media mentions seems to be impacting on rankings – no big surprise there. Google’s always looking for clues on what your site is about and what the most popular sites are.  Social media mentions is just another indicator.

Aside from those 2 factors, the basics remain the same.

The Takeaway

  • Google Places is becoming a very important place to be found
  • Social media (specifically Facebook and Twitter) isn’t just important for social media now.  It’s also a factor in your search engine rankings.