Yes, That Was A Hint

And yes, take the post below as a hint that Facebook needs to be part of your online marketing strategy.

It’s a gimme.



Social Networks Now Outstripping Google & Friends

Some interesting information with UK Hitwise claiming that “social network sites now receive more UK Internet visits than search engines…..May was the first ever month that social networks have been more popular than search engines in the UK.”

Of the social network sites visited in the UK, Facebook accounts for 55% of all visits, almost three times as many as the next most popular social network.

The really interesting bit of the graph put together by Hitwise is the steep growth of social networking sites, opposed ot the pretty flat line for search engine visits.

I, for one, certainly expect that growth to continue.

You might remember back in April I wrote “Why Social Networking Is Going To Kick Search Ass” – looks like I might even be on the money (there’s a first for everything!).

P.S: Hat tip to Tech Crunch.


Why Social Networking Is Going To Kick Search Ass

Just so we’re clear, by “Social Networking” I mostly mean Facebook, with a dash of Twitter thrown in.

By “Search”, I mostly mean Google.

And here’s why Facebook is going to kick Google’s ass (over time, not for the next year or 2)

It’s All About Who You & I Trust

You see, it’s all about trust.

Let’s say I do a search on something “Flip cameras“.

That search has probably got a bit of commercial intent behind it in that it’s a consumer item that the searcher could well be researching prior to purchasing.

Okay then, what does Google give me.

  • Lots of ads
  • Then the official Flip web site.
  • Then another ‘web site’ result.
  • Then a couple of reviews and then the obligatory Wikipedia entry.
Google results for "Flip cameras"

Google results for "Flip cameras"

Now these results are fairly typical and they’re okay.  Nothing amazing, just okay.

And these results all lack one very important thing. It’s a thing that’s closely related to the # 1 barrier to buying.

But more on that later.

Now, Let’s Go To My Social Network

Let’s compare that with what happens when I go to my social network.

I post a comment like “Looking to buy a Flip Mino HD. Any comments good/bad/indifferent??”

Very quickly I get messages back from people in my network with comments, reviews and examples.

People I know and trust are giving me great information without, and this is the critical bit, commercial considerations clouding their feedback.

That is, my friends don’t stand to make any money off me buying a Flip camera.

Google & Friends Want My Money

But every single one of those top Google results (along with Google itself) do stand to make money off me buying a Flip camera.

Jenny told me over a few beers that Flip cameras are....

Jenny told me over a few beers that Flip cameras are....

That’s why I don’t trust the Google results anywhere near as much as I trust the word of my friends.  And trusting who is giving you the information is the key to overcoming the biggest barrier when you buy something – that is, trust reduces significantly the perceived sense of risk in purchasing something.

So you could say, without much doubt, that the information friends give me is going to be less biased and more useful.

In a nutshell, my friends are more trustworthy than Google’s results.

My friends (I hope!) aren’t my friends so they can make money off recommending products to me!

But that is essentially what Google is in business to do.

Who would you trust – your friend Jenny who told you about her experience with Flip cameras over a few beers, or a faceless web site who sell Flip cameras?

Word of Mouth is King

Every marketing study ever done shows “Word of mouth” as the most powerful of all influences upon our buying decision.

  • Word of mouth is what gets action.
  • Word of mouth is what works.

Social networking is word of mouth.

Search engines are advertising.

And that’s why social networking sites are going to kick Search’s a$$ in years to come.

It’s because I (and you too) trust my mates more than I trust someone who is trying to sell me something.


Fred, The YouTube Phenoma

Don’t ask me why, but this guy is a YouTube sensation and is pulling in the big, big bucks.


Google Information Comes From Many Sources

Every now and then I do a search on my own name.

I do it because I want to know what’s being said about me online as a large part of my reputation/brand is online.

If you don’t Google yourself, then you should.  Google results on your name are an important/common part of how people will view you.

Different Sources

The information about me comes, as you’ll see here, from various sources and in different formats.

We have a Wikipedia entry.

Then this site.

Then images.

Then video.

Then Flickr.

Then Twitter.

Wow. That’s a whole lots of places the data gets sourced from.

So you can see the importance of having your face/brand/business in many different places.

If you’re in business and not in all of those places, then you need to be because you want people to find the right information on you and your business.

Don’t let other people control the information that people see about you.


QIK, Shoot Some Video

A great app I use on my iPhone is called Qik – you simply shoot video and it streams straight to your Qik account.

You jump on and grab the embed code and stick it where you want.  An excellent service.

[qik hash=”9f95874cda0541c5a992534c286e3053″]


Why You Can’t Do Just Anything To Brand Your Business

You probably can’t market like I do.

You probably can’t market like Seth Godin does.

You can market like you do.

You see, a good part of your marketing strategy is your personality and how your marketing sits with you on an emotional level.

Not everyone (hardly anyone) can market themselves like these guys.

Most people couldn’t. It wouldn’t feel right.

Doesn’t mean your marketing is wrong.

You can only do what you can do.  Find effective marketing that’s just right for you.

Because if it feels right and it works well, then that’s your marketing strategy from here on in.


Best Wedding Photographer Brisbane

This post is about how to get a decent ranking in Google for a term you want – it’s not comprehensive, but it will do the job.

I was looking at wedding photographs by Hailey Bartholomew earlier and that’s still top of mind, so let’s target a term Hailey would want (I think – I haven’t actually asked).

Hailey’s a wonderful wedding photographer in Brisbane (an Australian city).  Mmmmm, I wonder what terms people would use to search for a wedding photographer?

Okay, first we need to understand that you can really only get a good ranking for 1 term per page (not always, but generally).

So let’s go over to Google and use this tool:

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