Make Believe Person Creates Real Trouble

Quite a few people have been getting their panties in a twist because of a parody Twitter account – (Steve Conroy is the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy here in Australia).fight

The guy who outed himself as the fake Stephen Conroy works as a “Senior Emerging Technology Specialist (Mobile)” for Telstra (Australia’s leading phone company) which could well be the world’s longest job title aside from the real Steve Conroy’s.

Mike Hickinbotham (@M_Hickinbotham) is Telstra’s social media adviser (what a short and boring title!) and said this about the guy twittering.

“Everyone should use good judgement when engaging in social media…”

Who The Hell Wants Good Judgment??!

Good judgement??!  Who the hell wants good judgement on social media.  It’s SOCIAL media.  You’re here to socialise.  Let it all hang out.

Be open, honest, truthful, stupid, offensive, inappropriate… know, all the things we all are behind our veil of pretense of decent, professional, thinking, strategically minded businessfolk.

Oh shit……I’ve said too much!



P.S: Anyway, what has it got to do with the guy’s employer what he does in his spare time?


Social Media Expert Australia – It’s Not Just About Using It

Someone asked me the other day if I considered myself a social media expert here in Australia.

Yep, sure I do.

There are a few reasons why.

# 1: I use social media tools extensively
# 2: I engage my audience as much as possible

But it’s just not the use of social media that makes me an expert. What makes me an expert, I think, is that I understand the implications of social media.

I Understand Social Media

Unlike this so-called expert, I understand that every single thing I say and do online impacts on me as a brand.

Unlike these so-called experts, I’m authentic, open and honest with my audience.

  • With my marketing background I understand the importance of relationship building.
  • With my business background I understand the importance of branding.
  • With being active online – in forums, this blog and much more for 10 years+ – I understand the importance of engagement.

Being an expert in social media isn’t just about understanding how it all works, but why it works.


Cummins Nitro & Rhiannon/Tegan Finally Get A Clue??

Okay, definitely the last of this fake video viral stuff as I’m getting bored with it myself!

Rhiannon, the star of the fake “Best Job In The World” video (since taken down) that attracted tons of condemnation, who, like a petulant teenage brat, had the charming ‘bird’ picture on her site along with this message:

“Feeling very uncomfortable with the level this has gotten to. Gone into hiding. Be back later when they’re not trying to completely invade my personal space.”

has updated that message.

It now says:

“Feeling very uncomfortable with the level this has gotten to.
In the meantime, go apply for the job. It’s real and some lucky person will be earning $150k for 6 months “work” on the islands.

Finally Doing Her Job!

As Anthony is our office said, “Finally doing what she was paid for – encouraging people to apply for the job!”

It’s really not that hard.


Stop With The Deceit Already!!

Exhibit 1 – Fake tattoo for job video
Exhibit 2 – Downright stupid fake video for clothing company (below)

These clowns are screwing the Australian digital media landscape and giving everyone a bad name with their amateurish attempts at viral campaigns and use of social media.

The fake clothing company one was done by a Sydney based agency – when asked for a comment one of the directors said other staff were in an “all-day meeting” and could not respond to questions.

Here’s an idea I want to run past you people. Try, geeeez I don’t know… about you try a little honesty.

  • How about you actually engage your customers or market.
  • How about you just be authentic.
  • How about you get a clue.


Fake Video Star Goes Into Hiding

And the fiasco with the “Best Job In The World” fake video turns completely and utterly to crap.

You’d think the ad guru’s response would be considered, genuine and useful.

Ummmm, no.

Here’s the response from Rhiannon Craig, Cummins Nitro employee (digital project manager), who starred in the video.

“Feeling very uncomfortable with the level this has gotten to. Gone into hiding. Be back later when they’re not trying to completely invade my personal space.”

What a complete and utter screw up. Get a clue.

It’s like watching a train wreck.

Update 20 January 2009: Now they’ve pulled the fake video too. Oh my bloody God. Next they’ve be slaughtering dolphins in the sand on Hamilton Island and call it “Fishing”.


Best Job In The World Turning To Crap

You can always rely on the government to screw things up – or in this case, get some very crappy advice.

After hitting a home run with the excellent “Best Job In The World” stunt, things quickly headed down the toilet.

Seems that they then started spamming blogs and the agency even had the stupid and poorly executed idea of faking a video of someone getting a tattoo as part of their supposed commitment to getting the job.

(Hat tip to Mumbrella.)

You see, the woman getting the “tattoo” is the digital project manager at Cummins Nitro in Brisbane.

Oh, what a bloody shock! That’s the very same agency doing the campaign for Tourism Queensland.

And it’s not really a tattoo. It’s a transfer.

Creative By A Bunch Of Pretentious People Dressed In Black

This from an ad agency that bills itself as “creative with a conscience”.

Eeeeer, no. Try “bunch of pretentious wankers all dressed in black“.

Here’s the thing about viral stuff. It’s the same thing as with social media.

It has to be real.

It’s not that hard.


The Best Explanation Of Social Media I’ve Heard

Internet Marketer Perry Belcher gives a great overview of how social media works.
Love it.


Follow Me On Twitter

I’ve had a Twitter account for a couple of months now and am starting to get into the swing of things a little better.

I’ve tweeted a bit today and had some very positive feedback – check it out at and follow me if you feel it could be of some benefit.