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A Global Economy

It really is a global economy with lots of opportunities for lots of people.

I recently had a professional voice over done by a provider on

Listen to this brilliant voice over on the video below – cost me just $5.  Amazing value.

Check out lots of providers of different services – all for $5.


Neat Audio Player – At The Right Price

Looking for a very neat and easy way to play audio on your web site?

SoundCloud could be it.


Newsletter Sent

If you’re not subscribed to Tailored News (you can by sticking your email address in the field top right of this page – it’s 100% free) then odds are your certifiably insane.

And yes, that’s a medical opinion from me ;o)

I’ve just sent out the latest edition titled “Marketing Disaster – $320 Per Night to Be Slagged Off!

Tailored News June 2010

Tailored News June 2010

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I also have a bunch of old newsletters here.

And don’t forget you can check out over 7 years of Tailored blogs here.

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Launched Your New Web Site – Now What The Hell Do You Do??

It’s always exciting when you launch your new web site.

It’s shiny and new and you’re excited to have the chance to really impress your customers with the new style and information.

But you have 1 big problem: There are already millions of web sites also competing for your customer’s attention.

So what do you do?  How can you compete with your brand, spanking new web site?

Web site marketing ideasOver the next few weeks I’ll write a series of blog posts detailing what you can do to get your web site off to a great and sustainable start.

Step 1 for Brilliant Marketing of Your Web Site

This one is easy and it’s free.

As I often say with marketing, it’s a matter of finding what works best.

So your first step of any marketing campaign is to set up a way to measure the success or failure of any marketing strategies you try.

With your web site, a great way to do this is by inserting the statistics program Google Analytics onto your web site.

Google Analytics is a free, simple and very, very extensive program that can tell you just about everything about your web site visitors, where they come from and what they do once they’re on your site.

To Get Free Google Analytics

Step 1: Sign up for a free Gmail account.

Step 2: Sign up for a free Google Analytics account.

Step 3: Get the code from Google Analytics to insert into your site (you get this when you sign up for your account)

Step 4: Insert the code into your web site as directed.


web site stats example

You now have an excellent and comprehensive statistics program to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your web site marketing strategies.

Until next time…..



10 Time Honoured Secrets of Successful Web Sites

A reader contacted me yesterday to ask for a Free Report from my Free Info & White Papers section of this web site.

Seems as though the link to the Free Report was broken.  Once I got over the shock of having made a mistake (took me a while) I found the file and sent it through to him, then I fixed up the broken link.

Lessons From 2004 Still Hold True

The Free report this guy asked for is called “10 secrets of successful web sites”.

It’s a report I wrote back in 2004 on what I saw as the keys to a successful site.10-secrets-web-site

Bearing in mind the report is almost 6 years old, everything is still pretty much spot on – which means I’m a prophet, as well as being smart and very, very attractive.  And funny.  Don’t forget funny.

The only real change I’d make is to recommend Google Analytics for your web site statistics program and to say that large file sizes don’t matter so much in this day and age of fast connections.

So if you’re wondering what makes a successful web site, my Free Report (no registration required) could give you a few ideas.


Easy Photo Display

I’m loving the tool for Flickr called Slideflickr.

Within seconds you can create a slideshow of your photos.  Easy as pie.

These photos are from our cycle across Australia.


QIK, Shoot Some Video

A great app I use on my iPhone is called Qik – you simply shoot video and it streams straight to your Qik account.

You jump on and grab the embed code and stick it where you want.  An excellent service.

[qik hash=”9f95874cda0541c5a992534c286e3053″]


How To Check For People Stealing Your Content

One of the frustrating things about writing a web site is that people can easily steal your content.

I’ve found many examples over the years of people ripping off content from this site – they do it for a number of reasons, the most common being simply to have fresh content for their own sites (usually those sites have a ton of ads on them): search engines find the pages, they get more visitors, visitors click on the ads and they make more money.

Here’s a neat tool to check if someone is regurgitating your content – Copyscape.

Simply type in your site’s address and you’ll soon have an idea of whether you’re being stolen from.