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4 Ways To Increase Your Web Site Sales

Many sites I look have pretty dull home pages.

If your site sells stuff then you want to hit people hard and fast with the right information that influences their choice.

This information includes:

  1. Key benefit in buying from you
  2. Key difference to the competition

Reduce the perceived sense of risk in buying from you with the use of:

  1. Testimonials
  2. Guarantees

A Neat Example

The sales page for my Web Design Business Kit is a great example of this;

All done to establish trust and belief in the book and remove the risk of buying it (it’s a great 100% Money Back Guarantee).

Benchmarking Avoids The Hard Yards

Benchmarking against sales pages like that one are a great way to improve your own page.

What can you do on your web site to make it more attractive to potential buyers?


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Tailored News June 2010

Tailored News June 2010

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How To Build A Successful Web Site

One of our long term clients of ours (they’ve been with us for 10 or so years) have had 3 different web sites with us, all in the same industry.

2 of those sites have been very successful and the latest site was developed based on twhat worked with the previous 2 web sites.

But this web site ain’t doing so good.  The client is not making half as many sales as the previous sites.

So, what to do?

Well, doing something, anything is a great start.

What we do is implement a strategy and measure the impact of that strategy.  The strategy could be any 1 of 50 we might try, but being a bit more experienced at developing web sites that work we have a fair idea of what to do first.

The First 3 Steps

Our first step is checking out all is working on the a site.  We then progress to taking some baseline statistics.

Our 3rd step is an important one – it’s where we start taking some action.

What we’re doing with this web site – and have been doing for the past 2 weeks – is buying tons of traffic via Google AdWords.

What this gives us is data – just more information to help us ascertain what is happening with the web site.

If the doubling of visitor numbers (as long as they’re genuinely interested visitors) results in not many sales, then we know the web site isn’t converting very well for some reason.

Right Information To Make The Right Decisions

You see, developing a web site that works is all about getting the right information so you can make the right decision.

If your web site isn’t working so well, take action and measure the results.

Take another action and measure the results.

Keep doing what works.

Stop doing what doesn’t work.


An Apology to The Audience of John O’Nolan

A few weeks back talented web developer John O’Nolan reviewed my Web Design Business Kit (worth having a look at just for the photos!).

John sent through some interview questions last week and I typed up my answers.wdbk-cover

Because some people prefer to read and some people prefer to watch a video I also videoed my answers to the questions and sent that through to John too.

John has just put the full interview up on his web site, along with the video interview in 2 parts.

The Apology is This

Apologies for putting you through the video of my enormous head filling the screen for so long!

But You Can Win Stuff!

Just to make it fair, if you take a look at the interview and do a small thing John asks for at the end you can win “…..not one, not two, but three SitePoint books to the readers of this blog, and winning them couldn’t be easier.”

Here’s the first part of the interview.  For more jump on over to John’s site for the video and the text answers (the text answers aren’t just a transcript of the video, I wrote the text answers first and then filmed the video cold).

Visit John’s site for the full interview.


Best Wedding Photographer Brisbane

This post is about how to get a decent ranking in Google for a term you want – it’s not comprehensive, but it will do the job.

I was looking at wedding photographs by Hailey Bartholomew earlier and that’s still top of mind, so let’s target a term Hailey would want (I think – I haven’t actually asked).

Hailey’s a wonderful wedding photographer in Brisbane (an Australian city).  Mmmmm, I wonder what terms people would use to search for a wedding photographer?

Okay, first we need to understand that you can really only get a good ranking for 1 term per page (not always, but generally).

So let’s go over to Google and use this tool:

[Read more…]


The Next Thing To Do When You Are Rejected

Here’s a simple idea I mention in my Web Design Business Kit and one we can all easily use.

When you’re proposal gets rejected (and after you’ve done the “Why Not?” strategy) the very next thing you do is something very few people do.

Say “Thanks for rejecting me.”

Yep, as soon as you return to your office/home/lair shoot off a “Thanks for the opportunity of presenting our proposal letter.”

After all, the prospect was nice enough to give you a chance.

“Dear Bob

Thanks very much for the opportunity to present our proposal.

Whilst we’re disappointed at not working with you, I know how difficult it can be to figure out the best solution for your needs.

I’m sure XYZ Company will do a terrific job and that the site will provide you with the tremendous benefits we know it can.

All the best and take care.



You send that letter for 2 main reasons:

  1. it’s good manners
  2. you’ve positioned yourself for future work

Did you notice in the letter how you very subtly mentioned that you’re sure the site “will provide you with the tremendous benefits we know it can.

If the site doesn’t perform well then you’ll be first on the list of people to contact because you’ve acted professionally and are top of mind.

Not Every Web Designer Is Suited To Their Client

Not every web designer will be well suited for their client. Clients do change their mind, things do go wrong, clients do reconsider.

With a quick and simple letter you’ve positioned yourself as professional, caring and willing to help (which is what you are of course).


P.S: For more ideas like this check out the Web Design Business Kit (comes with sample letters like the one above).

Check out the Q-Ride site.


Taking The Plunge – How To Get Your First Web Design Client

You know people who act before they think?

I’m kind of like that.

I don’t think too much before I act. I certainly don’t analyse things for days. Make quick decisions and act.

Sure, I’m wrong some of the time. But the benefits of acting (and being wrong some of the time) far outweigh the benefit of not doing anything.

Here’s how to get your very first web design client.

1. Check out web sites of local businesses
2. Find ones you think you can improve
3. Call the web site owner up and say “I can get your web site to make more money.”

Your aim with the call is to get a meeting. Once you have a meeting you make your offer. Easy.

It’s so easy that no one ever believes it can work. But it does.

Sure, you’ll get knock backs. But from every 100 calls you’ll make you’ll get at least 5 meetings.

Go get ’em.




1st Thing To Do When Planning Your Business – Plan How You’ll Quit

When you start your business, or indeed the planning of it, I’d like to suggest something a little different:

Make sure the first thing you do is plan out how you are going to get out of your business.

After all, if you plan to sell within 5 years you’ll run your business a whole lot differently than if you plan to hand the business over to your kids in 60 years.

If you plan your exit you’ve given yourself a goal – and that’s a terrific thing to have in business (most people don’t have one).

Now start planning to meet that goal. You’ve just given yourself a huge headstart over every one else.