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New home for our Gold Coast advertising agency

As long time readers – this blog has been going since 2003 – might know, Tailored Media is a full service advertising agency on the Gold Coast servicing clients across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and nationwide.

With a range of high profile brands we do it all from digital marketing to Google rankings to Public Relations to print to TV ads to radio to web sites and more.

We’re about to “retire” this web site and have it automatically redirect to our full Tailored Media site.

We’re very active on that site talking all things advertising, marketing and much more.  So call on over to say hi and continue to receive great info.


Fresh New Site Launched

We recently launched a brand new website for our friends at the Hockey QLD club up at Burleigh.

Hockey Burleigh is a great club that welcomes all new members. So if you’re a new player, this new site will be much more informative and easier to navigate.

If you’re an existing player, you’ll notice a much nicer look than on the old site.


Another new site we have launched is Rule Refrigeration – check out these guys if you need any fridge repairs.


Great Web Design Doesn’t Equal A Great Looking Site

As a web developer it amazes me that people still think the look of the web site is the most important thing.

It’s about the 8th.  Or the 28th.  Something like that.

Many designers think great design = pretty.

Wrong. Really great design = a shedload more sales.

What do you want?

a.  A pretty web site
b.  A shed load of money


People Don’t Actually Read Ads

Client asked how me yesterday to get his advertisements read more.

But the thing is people don’t read ads.

People Only Reads What Interests Them

They read what interests them.

Sometimes that might happen to be an ad.

Your ad shouldn’t be about you or your company or your product or your service.

Your ad should be about your customer.

Get it, Freddy??

This guy could be an ad writer!


You Don’t Actually Need A Web Site

You know what, you don’t actually want a web site.

A web site is just like an ad in the local newspaper or a word of mouth marketing campaign or having a business Facebook page.

It doesn’t matter that your web site is a web site.

What Your Web Site Should Be

What it needs to be is a lead or sale generating tool.

It doesn’t need to be pretty or groovy or have lots of flashy bells and whistles.

What it needs to do is generate you leads and sales.

Don’t lose sight of that.

Quick & Simple Example

We recently redid a clients site.

It looks almost exactly how it always has.

Now it gets x10 the amount of visitors it used to get.  And those visitors convert to leads and sales.

  • Same look
  • Better web site structure
  • Better content
  • Better trust indicators
  • Better demonstration of the product
  • Better sales copy
  • Better search rankings

What The Client Says

“You are a legend. I am receiving a lot of enquiries thank you!

Cheers and many thanks for all your good work.

Oh, and you’re very sexy!”

*  May have made that last line up.


Migration Agent Brisbane

Here’s one of those really simple sites we like.

We like them because they’re easy and they work well.

It’s a site for a migration agent in Brisbane.

The site is for an old mate of mine who I trained with in nursing back in my distant, distant past.

A Tip on What Works

And I reckon that’s a tip on what works with sites – simple works.

Because if it didn’t I wouldn’t have done my mate’s site like this.

Get a nice, simple and clear web site, then market the hell out of it.


A Nice Refresh For Bhutan

Just launched a new site for a brilliant tour/travel company here in Australia that specialises in trips to Bhutan.

A freshen of their site has really lifted things and James and Nicola, who absolutely love Bhutan, are delighted with the result.

See below for the before and after.

The Before

The Before - Bhutan.com.au - click for larger version

The After

The After - Bhutan.com.au - Click for larger image

Contact Bhutan and Beyond here for more info about taking a break in this amazing country.


Why It Doesn’t Matter If YOU Don’t Like This Web Site

The biggest part of our business is web development – that is we:

  • design,
  • develop and
  • market web sites.

Sometimes we’ll do one of those 3, mostly we do it all.

Whatever the client needs.

One thing I’ve been aware of over the years is that this site isn’t a typical web developers web site.

There’s no real “Look at me, Look at me” stuff.

We used to pop up oodles of examples of sites and talk about why and how we did them.  But we soon stopped that after clients started getting emails from competitors saying they could do a better job.

To that I say the very articulate: Pfffffffffffffft!

But Here’s The Thing

But here’s the thing I’ve discovered over the years.

Most clients don’t give this site a second glance.

Now, that’s not to say that many web developers don’t get business because they have pretty web sites.  Of course they do.

What I am saying is that this web site resonates with our target market (generally) – that is businesspeople who just get on with it.

Who take action, who market their web site, who want less guff than many others.  Who want results.

That’s the sort of client we work best with.

That’s what any marketing should do – it MUST appeal to your preferred target market.  Not someone elses.