What Was I Thinking – The Worst Advertisement In History

This wasn’t a time to open the champagne.

You do live and learn in business, but the question I have to ask is “What the hell was I thinking?!!”

Here’s an ad I ran in a major newspaper a few years back:


New Website Exposes Best Business Money-Making Secrets…Bar None!

Note: This website is 100% FREE. It does not have annoying pop ups, banner ads or anything you have to buy. It has incredible information. And lots of it.

Following is just a small sample of the hot information you’ll find:

  • Why a Web Designer should never develop your website!
  • 10 steps to success – how a landscaper went from toil to triumph!
  • Why you should pay someone $10,000 for 5 minutes work!
  • How one of our websites made a fortune in just 2 hours – and how it continues to make big money each and every day!
  • How to sell anything to anyone……and have them come back for more!
  • Why service firms usually completely muck up their marketing!
  • How to kick start HUGE, HUGE sales with free publicity!
  • How to win prestigious awards!
  • Why you should love complaining customers!
  • The amazing money-making power of a $200 piece of software – no business should be without it!
  • Why your marketing should be as cheap as chips!
  • Much, much more!

If you want pretty pictures, don’t visit. If you want boring content, don’t visit. If you want typical business clichés, don’t visit.

This site is by people who know what they are talking about. Real marketing experts. Real Internet experts. Visit now for real information.



The only thing I didn’t do – and I should have – was say “By the way, I’m a complete idiot.”

That ad cost me $2,000+.

The return was $0.

Plus I wasted about 10 hours dealing with people who weren’t the sort of customers I wanted.

Business Isn’t About Getting Customers

Business isn’t about getting customers. Business is about getting the right customers for your business.

And this type of ad didn’t attract the sort of customers we wanted.

What works for us in attracting the right customers is our current customers talking to their friends. And that doesn’t cost us $2,000.





Affiliate Marketing Info

I have been emailing a guy today who is looking at taking up affiliate marketing.

I’ve quoted him a few bucks for a few hours consulting and part of that is pointing him to to the right people to get no bullshit information from.

One Of The Right People

Fraser has an Affiliate Marketing Blog which is offering some great info. Fraser is a guy who I’ve had email conversations with in the past and he’s a no-nonsense solid guy with great info.

And Fraser has been kind enough to sponsor my 1,000 km bike ride with a $30 donation.

Thanks Fraser. Appreciate it.




It’s Easier To Say "No" Than Learn Something New

I recently emailed a distributor of a product to ask for their terms and conditions on buying their product – I was going to sell the product via an online store.

They told me they didn’t want to sell me the product because they don’t want to upset their offline retailers. Their ‘policy’ is that to be a retailer of their product you had to have a bricks and mortar store.

I have no idea why.

They Just Don’t Get It

Some people simply don’t get how powerful the Internet can be. They don’t understand that having an online retailer can blow their sales through the roof.

I guess people are just limited by what they don’t understand.

It’s easier to say “No” they to get in and learn about something new.

From what I could gather during our conversation, our initial sales projections would have made us their biggest retailer (by double).




Here’s A guy Who Knows The Secrets To Relationship Building

Following on from that post below, here’s some links to great resources:

In Tip 3 of the bonus pdf e-book, Keith says about meeting the people you want to meet: “…. find your currency for themÂ?your experience, knowledge, contacts, or resources that can make them more successful.”

Brilliant way to put it. In others words, help people. You’ll soon find they want to help you back.

Hope that helps you.


P.S: My biggest networking/relationship building tip: every single time you get someone’s business card, follow up by contacting them within 24 hours – note, phone call, letter, whatever.


The Master Of PR

The Master Of PR

The King Of The Stunt

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Donald.

There is no-one better at generating publicity than him.



Packaging that makes a statement

I frequent a Japanese restaurant about 50 metres from our offices. I order takeaway most days – love Japanese food.

The food is presented in quality plastic containers, with chopsticks and a well-branded bag. Although this doesn’t impact on the taste of the food, the owner is smart enough to know that presentation is a hugely important factor.

Nicely presented food seems better quality. That’s my perception, so to me it’s a fact. Not quite, but I’m sure you understand what I mean.

I ordered some products over the Internet yesterday and they arrived today. They weren’t presented the way I expected.

They were in an overnight bag. Inside the overnight bag was what looked liked wrapping paper. This was tied together with string, into a bow.

It looked fantastic!

My immediately thinking was “This is a quality company and I would be very, very happy to deal with them again.”

And that was before I even opened the parcel! (By the way, the inside was just as impressive – Plenty of information about what I purchased. A re-order form. And a long personal “Thank You” letter.)

First impressions count for so much. So does aspects of your business such as packaging.

What is your packaging saying about you? (One area I see obvious potential in is plastic shopping bags. There is a very strong trend away from them. Why not bite the bullet and get some quality cloth bags printed up for your customers. The difference could be terrific.)