Case Studies

The biggest indicator of future performance is past performance, so it’s important to let people know what you’ve done in the past.

Most of these case studies are web-centric, but there are a few marketing ones in the mix.

High Ranking In Google – From # 426 to # 1

Want a detailed case study (including videos and links to tools) of us taking a web site to the top of Google – click here for this great case study.

Check out some other …top search engine rankings we’ve achieved here!

Online Bookings – From 0 to Wow!

pdficonA simple step-by-step example of taking an accommodation web site (clients with a resort) from 0 sales to 115 in 8 short weeks. Includes full site data …click here for the full Case Study.

A Sign Of Poor Service – Do You Make These Mistakes?

pdficonThis case study is based on an experience we had in getting a signwriter to do the signage on our new office doors and windows.

It’s a great example of what is done wrong by many businesses. And provides extensive examples on how to make more sales …click here for the full Case Study.