Getting To The Top Of The Search Engines – from # 426 to # 1

This is an extensive case study example of Seamus Clarke’s Belfast web design business – and how we took it from # 426 to # 1 for his main keyword:  Belfast web design.

Step 1 – Keyword Research

The first step was keyword research – that is, figuring out what terms to target.  After all, no good being # 1 in Google for “bananas” if you’re a web developer!

In the above video I say “Seamus was lucky enough to lend us his web site to use as a guinea pig…”

I meant “kind enough”.

Step 2 – Assessing Your Site & Competitor Sites

In this quick video (just under 2 mins), we’ll take a look at what you do after you identify your main keyword.

It’s about assessing the top competitor web sites.

Useful Assessment Tools

After this, you should have a good idea why the other sites rank better than you.

Step 3 – On Page Factors – Developing The Page Right

From # 426 In Google To # 20 – In Just 19 Days

It’s been 19 days since we started work to get decent search engine rankings for Belfast web design firm Inspired eBusiness.

And already we’ve gained 406 spots! We’re now # 20 for “web design Belfast“.

Step 4 – On Page Factors – Getting Links To Your Web Site

From # 426 To # 11 In Google – In 24 Days!

It’s been just 24 days since we started work to get decent search engine rankings for Belfast web design firm Inspired eBusiness.

And now we’re number 11 in

Part 5 – Belfast Design King Now At # 7!

Our case study with Seamus’ web design business in sunny Belfast is going along beautifully.

His Inspired site was # 426 in Google for “Belfast web design” and “web design Belfast”.

After Just 34 Days The Site Has Gone From # 426 To # 7!

Belfast web design – # 7
web design Belfast – # 14

Belfast web design – # 10
web design Belfast – # 14

Update June 20, 2008

Seamus’ Belfast web design business settled at # 2 and 3 on Google before hitting the # 1 spot in September, 2008.

On September 3, 2008 I wrote this:

Not Saying I’m The Best Or Anything……But That’s What Others Say!

seamus-797287You might remember from a while ago we did a search engine ranking case study (there are a number of posts about what we did on that page) and used my online mate Seamus’ site as the guinea pig.

Well, the pig is at the trough of Google!

After being at # 2-3 for months, Inspired eBusiness has finally cracked # 1 for “Belfast Web Design”.

Here’s what Seamus said:

“I spotted this search result this morning – No1 in organic listing for ‘Belfast web design’. Long may it last.

As always, my sincere thanks and gratitude for all you’ve done and taught me over the past year or so.”

Excellent stuff.

Do what we did on Seamus’ site and you’ll be reaping the benefits of being seen by way more of your target market.

As of February 15, 2009
Belfast web design – # 1
web design Belfast – # 4
Belfast web design – # 1
web design Belfast – # 6