Tailored Crew

We’re thrilled you’d like to get to know us better.

Brendon Sinclair

(Guy Who Thinks  He’s In Charge)

Brendon is a 49 year old guy who stumbled into the wild and wonderful world of the web and marketing with the creation of “Tailored Consulting” over 15 years ago.
Today Brendon is widely acknowledged as one the true experts in web development and strategy – he’s the author of The Web Design Business Kit – one of the most profitable business books by an Australian author in the last 10 years.

Brendon writes a newsletter that has 250,000 subscribers and zips about the place giving talks to business groups, University classes and more on web marketing, social media and general business.

He was Australia’s largest exporter of ugg boots at the height of the ugg boots craze, along with being the owner of a web site that once did a staggering $250,000 in sales of a $50 product in 1 hour.

  • He’s a former Ironman triathlete,
  • Has cycled across Australia (4,500 kms in 30 days) with his 15 yo son for charity in Sept/Oct 2008 and
  • Captained his Under 10 football team to Premiership Glory in 1976 (time to let that one go big fella!).

    Under 10 Premiership Champions

Mel Sinclair

The Real Boss


Mel is a Nursing Sister of 20+ years experience.


  • runs marathons,
  • trains Guide Dog puppies,
  • drinks loads of coffee at Coffee Shops with mates and
  • travels and travels.

Mel takes care of the general office management, accounts and manages our largest web business.

Mel undertakes vital research on how much coffee one woman can actually drink before shaking herself to death.

Anthony Ferguson

The Real Manager

anthonyAnthony is a Redbank Plains lad who joined the Tailored team after impressing everyone with his professionalism and talent whilst working with us on a contract basis.

Anthony codes like a champion and ensures the steady flow of data onto our various web properties.

For fun he drinks beer, skis and collects shoulder dislocations (and that one’s not a joke).


Social Media & Web Marketing

Laura provides social media contentLaura is a young lady who manages many of our social media clients (includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+), along with general web site creation and insertion.

She’s young, hip and happening (!) and knows a thing or 2 about how social media works.


Social Media & Web Marketing

Shanae is the newest and brightest team member!tailored-shanae

She does a bit of social media work, web content development, search engine optimisation, blogging and lots more.

And when she isn’t in the office she spends her time at university studying a marketing degree, visiting art galleries and spending her weekly wage online shopping (but if her parents ask she is diligently saving every penny).

Nigel the Gnome

Security and Muffinsnigel_small

‘Big Nige’ (as he likes to be known) oversees all office activity and has undergone extensive training in body combat and weapons control.  He’s also a damn fine baker.

Big Nige mostly hides out in plants and wolf whistles as people pass by.  In truth, he’s very, very boring and hardly says a word.

(And yes, we know having Nigel here is stupid – but he’s been with us for over 10 years on our “Team” page and it feels disloyal to get rid of him.  Plus he’s actually been good for business!)

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