Don’t Let Your Bias Stop Your Success

I gave someone a bit of advice today and he said “That’s gold!”

Of course it bloody is – everything that comes out of my mouth is gold!

The advice was this:

Don’t let your personal biases and opinions stop you accepting good advice or implementing good ideas.

Obnoxious Ego Maniac Whose Mum Thinks He’s Funny

I think I’m a good example of this.

A bird, a, it's Super Idiot!

  1. Oodles of people don’t like my writing style.
  2. Others think I’m an obnoxious dickhead.
  3. Some think I’m an ego maniac.
  4. A few (thank you mum and dad!) think I’m funny.
  5. One or 2 think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to marketing.

Don’t let your personal bias toward me stop you from taking on board and implementing some good advice you might find here.

After all, with:

you’ll probably find at least 1 bit of decent advice.


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