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In this section you’ll find oodles of free information for you to download – no registration required, no strings attached.

Some of the white papers below are 5+ years old, but still as relevant today as when I first wrote them.

pdficonHow To Use Public Speaking To Get More Clients – A Step By Step Guide

A step by step guide, with examples on how to effectively use public speaking to attract more clients.

A free PDF e-book available for immediate download (no registration required – just hit the link!) …click here for the ebook

One Minute Poll – online surveys made easy

Looking for a way to do online surveys?

Check out One Minute Poll – I’ve done a review of this web-based survey tool designed to be simple and easy to use – for both the person setting it up and the person taking the actual online survey.

Don’t be fooled into thinking simplicity equates to shoddy performance – this is an excellent tool at a bargain basement price. Click here for the One Minute Poll review.

pdficon10 secrets of increasing online bookings. A Special Report for the accommodation industry

10 great ways to send your online hotel, motel or resort bookings through the roof. Compiled by one of Australia’s top web marketers …click here for more.

pdficonDoes your business need a web site?

This free PDF white paper includes 8 good reasons, 3 success steps and 7 ways to find a great web developer, and much, much more…click here for more.

pdficon10 secrets of successful web sites

The real secrets for a successful web site as developed by us after completing hundreds of sites and owning a hugely successful site …click here for the free PDF file.

pdficonThe perfect process for your marketing strategies

This one is a very simple document of how you might write down the various aspects of your marketing strategy. Nothing fancy, nothing flash and nothing complicated.

Keep your marketing simple. The more complicated and fancy it is, the less likely it is that it will be implemented …click here for more

pdficonThe perfect marketing plan

I mentioned this one in the blog of Tuesday 23 September, 2003. All you need to do is put in what you are going to do under the “What” column. Then on whatever day you will be doing it put in how much it’s going to cost.

That’s the perfect marketing plan. Simple. Easy. Doable …click here for the marketing plan template.

pdficonMarketing Analysis Activity Sheet

Want a simple way to keep track of your marketing activity? Print off this sheet and use it to help assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns …click here for the sheet.

pdficonFREE article collection

Print off a book jam-packed with the informative articles found on this web site. This FREE book contains all the articles on this site as at 23 August, 2003 …click here for the articles.

pdficonChoice Influence Survey

Knowing where you generate your business from, and what the major choice influences are in choosing you (or another supplier), is critical for any business.

This simple survey that we use regularly (and you can easily adjust it to use in your business) gives you the exact information you need to make the right marketing decisions.

Click here for the free survey.


Travel checklist

This PDF checklist is for short trips away. I’ll add to it as I think of more and more things to add …click here for more.