Great Web Design Doesn’t Equal A Great Looking Site

As a web developer it amazes me that people still think the look of the web site is the most important thing.

It’s about the 8th.  Or the 28th.  Something like that.

Many designers think great design = pretty.

Wrong. Really great design = a shedload more sales.

What do you want?

a.  A pretty web site
b.  A shed load of money


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Brendon is the main guy at Tailored Web Services. He's a best selling author, has cycled across Australia, kissed Errol Flynn's old girlfriend, sold one zillion ugg boots and is a plain talking Aussie guy.

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  1. I agree with this notion too. It’s not a beauty contest. However, you say this as if it’s a choice between one or the other. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re saying.

    Is it not possible to have an amazingly designed site that also equals sales?

    I’ve been a fan for years I’m really glad you’re still writing.


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