High Google Rankings

High Google rankings can have a massive impact on your web site – after all, having hundreds of people find your site when they’re searching for the product you sell is just about the perfect marketing.

It’s one of our specialties and something we’ve been doing for many years.

Brendon is widely acknowledged as one of the best search engine experts about and the successes we’ve had over the years are testament to our very thorough, professional and methodical work in the Google space.

Quantifying The Benefit

We’re big on results and we’re big on quantifying the benefit high search engine rankings can deliver.

  • High Rankings
  • More Visitors
  • More Sales

How We Do It

  1. Firstly we have a chat to identify your strategy and goals
  2. From there it’s a case of analysing where you are at now
  3. Then we move onto our keyword research
  4. Once we’ve identified the keywords to target we take a whole range of benchmark stats to ensure we can measure our progress effectively
  5. Then we implement – and what we do will depend on a whole range of factors from your goals, to the keywords targeted, to your budget and much more.

Check out a detailed case study here of how we took a site from # 467 to # 1 in 36 short days!

Some Examples

# 1 for Ugg Boots – Done
# 1 for Surfboards – Done
# 1 for Invitations – Done
# 1 for Pool Tables – Done
# 1 for Worlds Best Web Designer – Done
# 1 for Hammocks – Done
# 1 for Online Personal Trainer – Done
# 1 for Management Rights Gold Coast – Done
# 1 for TV Commercials Gold Coast – Done
# 1 for Eczema Treatment – Done

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