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4 Part Case Study Of Increasing Rankings In Search Engines

case-study-1In February 2007 we used the web site of Irish web developer Seamus Clarke as a case study on increasing search engine rankings.

Check out the 4 part video tips we put together during this case study.

Search Engine Tips For Beginners

This 9 minute video from search engine expert Brendon Sinclair gives you the tips to shoot your web site to the top of Google for the term you want.

Quality advice for beginners and pros alike.

And no, despite what I look like in this video, I’m not loaded/drug/sleep talking!

$1,000 Per Day For An Hour A Day

In August, 2007 I blogged about a guy who makes $1,000 per day from his web site – and he works just 1 hour per day.

It’s real, it’s interesting and it’s easy to do. You can do it too.

How To Draw The Winner Of Your Competition

Drawing a competition winner is usually dull, boring and a recipe for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

But this one involves a blond and a blindfold. Interested?

Brendon Sinclair Interview – How To Keep Clients Long Term

Keeping clients for the long term is one of the very real challenges of most businesses.

Brendon talks about how you can keep clients for the long term.

Brendon Sinclair – Speaking Gig Segment

I do a fair bit of speaking about the place, mostly about marketing and how to use the Internet as an effective business tool. Check out this short example segment.

Why You Should Use Online Video

Brendon takes you through the reasons why online video may be right for you.

It’s about sales, branding and so much more.

Online Trust – Blogs The Word

An easy and effective way to gain better rankings in Google is to get your web site trusted by Google. And Google only trusts sites it knows well – just like you’re more likely to trust people you know well.

So what can you do to help Google get to know you? Easy – blogs the word.

The Importance Of First Impressions

This is a video of one of our podcasts we did a couple of years ago – Tina and I chat about the importance of that first impression.

It’s a video video podcast podcast!

My Son (Jack) and I Cycle Across Australia For Charity

When my 15 yo son suggested we ride across Australia in just 30 days, I naturally assumed he meant motorbikes.

A year later and we were ready to ride it on pushbikes – can we ride 4,500 kms in 30 days… or will we die in the process?