Online Video Production Tips

Online Video Production Tips

After my interview on Andrew Johnson’s Web Publishing (and subsequently mentioned on a number of other blogs) I’ve had a few people email me for tips for people starting out shooting video for online use.

Here they are: Top Tips For Shooting Video Footage For Online Use.

It is a 6 page pdf file with Example Production Schedule and Example Script included. Hope they are of some use.




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  1. Thanks Brendon, very useful and interesting as always.

    Actually I had a quick question on your Bloglines post (March 30th) – what do you think the advantages are of this over a personalised homepage such as, My Yahoo or Google’s? Thanks.

  2. Hi Joel

    Sorry about that – I must have missed your other question.

    I actually use a personalised Google page (go to as my Home Page – there are advantages in each.

    I like Bloglines and the Google page – haven’t tried the others – because they’re both different and have different strenghts.



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