Why It Doesn’t Matter If YOU Don’t Like This Web Site

The biggest part of our business is web development – that is we:

  • design,
  • develop and
  • market web sites.

Sometimes we’ll do one of those 3, mostly we do it all.

Whatever the client needs.

One thing I’ve been aware of over the years is that this site isn’t a typical web developers web site.

There’s no real “Look at me, Look at me” stuff.

We used to pop up oodles of examples of sites and talk about why and how we did them.  But we soon stopped that after clients started getting emails from competitors saying they could do a better job.

To that I say the very articulate: Pfffffffffffffft!

But Here’s The Thing

But here’s the thing I’ve discovered over the years.

Most clients don’t give this site a second glance.

Now, that’s not to say that many web developers don’t get business because they have pretty web sites.  Of course they do.

What I am saying is that this web site resonates with our target market (generally) – that is businesspeople who just get on with it.

Who take action, who market their web site, who want less guff than many others.  Who want results.

That’s the sort of client we work best with.

That’s what any marketing should do – it MUST appeal to your preferred target market.  Not someone elses.


About Brendon Sinclair

Brendon is the main guy at Tailored Web Services. He's a best selling author, has cycled across Australia, kissed Errol Flynn's old girlfriend, sold one zillion ugg boots and is a plain talking Aussie guy.

He can be found on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

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