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We specialise in:

  1. Web Site Design & Development
  2. High Google Rankings (see a Case Study of our work here)
  3. Google AdWords Advertising (check out this example here)
  4. Social Media Management

Full List Of Specialist Services

Web Site Design & Development

Web site designersThere are plenty of other web design firms that’ll design you a lovely pretty web site.

But we’re different – here’s how and why it matters… more

Web Sites For Mobiles

ipad12Developing your site so that it works well on a mobile devices is becoming increasingly important.

A mobile friendly site will lead to more sales and a better experience …more

eNewsletter Planning, Writing & Sending

news-100An eNewsletter can be one of the most cost effective and successful marketing strategies for any business. You see, every business has a list of previous customers and… more

We also provide a range of other services including:

  • Web site strategy
  • Review site management (Got a nasty review? We have strategies to counteract it.)

How We’re Different…

And What That Means For You

But what you really want to know is how we’re different from everybody else. And, very importantly, how that difference benefits you.

Here’s a couple of ways that we’re different.

# 1: In 2003 we had a site that made a staggering $250,000 in sales of a $50 product in 1 hour.

# 2: In 2008, at the height of the ugg boot craze, we had a site ranked # 1 for ugg boots in the USA. Which made it, within 6 weeks of launching the site from scratch, Australia’s largest ugg boot exporter.

It’s experience that matters.

  • Do we know how to develop successful sites? Sure do.
  • Do we know how to market web sites for success? Sure do.
  • Have we done it before? Sure have.

What that means for you – simple: Experience that matters. And it matters a lot in getting your web site working its best.

That saves you time and money, and generates plenty of new business.

3 Times More Sales, 4 Times The Price

We have a site that is already doing 3 times more sales, with the averages sale price over 4 times what it used to be.

That quote above is from Luke Edwin. Luke’s a character who runs, a hugely successful site that provides online golf lessons.

Luke’s full testimonial is here, but the best/funniest bit is this bit:

In the end my dad said:

“If this Guy is half as good as he thinks he is, we will be Ok!”

We decided that we would go with Tailored on a gut instinct and now after all the hard work has been done we realise that going with anyone else because of price would have been a disaster.

It turns out that Brendon is at least ¾ as good as he thinks he is and his professionalism and commitment to working through all the problems we faced is now paying off.”

One Of Australia’s Most Profitable Business Books

Need some more differences?

Okay then.

Brendon is the author of the award-winning and best selling The Web Design Business Kit – a hugely successful book for web designers that was first published in 2003. The 2nd edition came out in 2007 and the third edition (this one with a co-author) in 2011.

“You wouldn’t believe the impact the Web Design Business Kit had on our business.

This first month we had the kit our business income will be double what we have made any time in the last 3 years of business,”

Deborah Forrister

The first 8 pages of the kit gave me more direction on how to market and get the right mindset for my business than the last 3 years combined.

Thanks for a great kit!”

Benjamin D. Cramer

So he literally wrote the book on web design marketing!

Along with that, Brendon is a highly sought after speaker and lecturer to business groups and University classes on marketing and business.

What That Means For You

What that means for you is a company that knows it’s stuff, that is connected, that has a very broad range of skills and services to provide. No hassle, no fluff, no nonsense.

We know what works – after all, we’ve been doing it, talking about it, writing about it and teaching it for years.

The Last Difference To Mention

The last difference that matters that we’d like to mention is this: we’re results driven.

It’s not a case of doing work so it’s all pretty.

We do the right sort of work to drive sales and enquiries to your business.

We’ve been doing this a long, long time and know you want results without the fluff.

If that’s what you want then we could be the team that will work well with you.

Some More Client Comments

I cannot quite believe the fantastic level of service I have received from Brendon and his team at Tailored Web Services. It’s so good, there has to be a catch…… haven’t found it yet.”

“Wow!!! That’s all I can say – can’t believe it, incredible and I like the way you said “We” – I’m sure we’ve helped in some way lol.”

“…Our sales and service calls have been increasing every month at a steady 25% growth rate. We can only attribute this to your expertise”

Aaron Wall, one of the world’s best known Search Engine experts, said:

“Sorry for tooting my own horn here, but Brendon Sinclair, of The Web Design Business Kit & Tailored Consulting fame just reviewed my ebook. As an SEO it is fairly hard to get recognition from people well known in the web design field, and few voices are more credible than Brendon’s, so that review has got me pretty stoked.”

Contact Us Now For Real Results

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Web Site Development

We design and develop your web site from scratch to launch.

We’ve done rather a lot over the last 15 years.

Here are some recent ones:

“….There Has To Be A Catch……Haven’t Found It Yet”

“I cannot quite believe the fantastic level of service I have received from Brendon and his team at Tailored web services.

Its so good, there has to be a catch…… haven’t found it yet.

The Tailored team produced a brand new web site for me in unbelievably quick time, and have since assisted my online marketing. I have really enjoyed the experience of working with these terrific people.

Great work, great advice, and all delivered in a cheerful friendly way.”

Web Site Strategy

We’re strategy experts – a bit of advice from us can set your site on the road to greatly increased sales.

Public Speaking

Brendon speaks to a range of business groups, University classes and more on a range of topics including:

Our Own Stuff

We own and run one of Australia’s most successful eczema treatment products, along with a whole range of other web sites.

We won’t bore you with the details but we make our $$ through affiliate commissions, advertising and direct sales.

We talk the talk and walk the walk ;o)

Let me know if we can help.


Ph: 07 5534 1228